Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lost and Found

Over the years, I have requested birth, marriage and death certificates.  Occasionally, I receive ones that upon examination, are not my kin.  I cannot through them away, as I know how precious they might be to others.  So I am going to post them here hopefully to be found by their correct kin.

Certificate of Stillbirth

Baby Kerlev/Kerler/Karlov  (handwriting is not very legible)
Born: October 14, 1945 at St Joseph Hospital in Chicago, Illinois
Father: Frank J Kerlev/Kerler/Karlov, 29 years old, born in Urbana, Illinois, machine operator 
Mother: Dorothy Davis, 27 years old, born in Chicago, Illinois, housewife

Marriage certificates

Name of Husband: Osmond Jensen
Residence of husband:  Columbia County, Wisconsin
Name of wife previous to marriage:  Julia Holverson
Marriage date: March 7, 1857
Place: Arris Village, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Death certificates

Anna Katie Cook
White, female, widow, age 31 years old
Name of father: William Shaker
Name of mother:  Christine Heller
Date of birth of deceased: Mar 29, 1866
Birth place of deceased: Hanover, Wisconsin
Name of husband:  William Cook
Date of death: Dec 7, 1898
Residence at time of death:  Janesville, Wisconsin

Louise Melcher
White, female, married, age 43 years old
Birth date: Nov 3, 1898
Birth place:  Madison, Nebraska
Date of death: Aug 20, 1942
Place of residence: 3030 Fulton Blvd, Chicago, Illinois
Husband:  George Melcher
Parents:  Frank Nathan, Wilhelmina Born

Minnie Melcher
White, female, married, age 62 years old
Birth date:  May 18, 1882
Birthplace: Dalton, Illinois
Date of death: Oct 20, 1944
Place of residence:  Wheatfield, Indiana
Husband:  Louis Melcher
Place of death: St. George Hospital, Chicago, Illinois
Cause of death ruptured appendix
Parents:  Jens Larson, born in Sweden; Sophia Wittorp, born in Germany

Louis Melcher
White, male, widower, age 87 years old
Birth date: Sep 16, 1835
Birthplace:  Germany
Occupation:  Railroad Cabinet maker for the Pullman Company
Date of death: Mar 21, 1923
Place of death:  (home) 11825 S Princeton Ave, Chicago, Illinois
Wife:  Albatina Melcher
Parents:  John Melcher, born in Germany; Anna (unknown maiden name) born in Germany

Daniel Ross
White, male
Occupation of deceased: locomotive fireman
Age: 37 years old
Name of Father: Frederick M Ross
Name of mother:  Isabella Ross
Birthplace of deceased: New York City
Name of wife:  none
Condition:  single
Death: November 7, 1898
Residence at Time of Death:  Baraboo, Wisconsin
Cause of death:  traumatic pneumonia, injury to lungs as result of an accident
Place of death:  Janesville, Wisconsin
Duration of disease:  2 days
Place of burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery, Baraboo, Wisconsin

Ragna Westby
White, female, married, age 53 years old
Birth date: Aug 9, 1879
Birthplace:  Norway
Date of death: Oct 15, 1932
Place of death: (home) 3326 Narragansett, Chicago, Illinois
Husband:  Julius Westby
Parents: August Krogfloss; mother not known
Burial:  Perry Cemetery, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin


  1. This is my great grandmother and we would love this copy . How do we get a hold of you?

    1. Let me know which one you want by emailing me at