Saturday, July 14, 2012

At the Newberry Library Today!

I am presenting two workshops at the Newberry Library in Chicago today: Primer and What’s New on the Internet?   I always have a lot of fun at these sessions and learn new things from the participants.  I was a little nervous about the Wi-Fi access so made a lot of screen shots for the presentations.  If you were at the sessions and want an electronic copy of the handouts, email me at

Here is a synopsis of each: Primer:  We’ll examine many aspects of today’s and what it offers beginners as well as advanced genealogical researchers—including records and tools, the Ancestry Trees (build your own and elect to network with others), and what features makes available through the free site, library edition, and paid subscription choices.

What’s New on the Internet?  : We will take a tour through new and little-known resources for genealogical research and networking on the Web. Along with exploring Newberry-based offerings, we’ll identify useful free and fee-based local, regional, national, and international genealogical resources.
I love the Newberry’s Chicago Ancestors web site!  If you have any family history in Chicago, you need to check it out!