Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Genealogy Do-Over, My Way

I have been watching with interest the genealogical challenges for 2015.  Thomas MacEntee’s “Genealogy Do-Overand Amy Johnson Crow’s (she blogs at No Story Too Small) “52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: 2015 Edition."

As part of the prep work for the Genealogy Do-Over, I have been comparing my current method of organization to others being suggested.  I have been using document oriented organization (file folders for Birth, Death, Marriage, Census, etc.) but I am considering moving to surname oriented with the document description at the end of the file name.  

My current view:

Diana Ritchie’s example from the Genealogy Do-Over Facebook group:

I am thinking about combining the challenges as a way to clean up my family tree.  I have been collecting many scans, pictures and other items but have not been linking them consistently to my tree.   In addition, my primary genealogy software The Master Genealogist is no longer supported.   I am evaluating RootsMagic and Legacy Family Tree to see which one I will move my tree to for the future.  I would like to create a tree that is my “source of truth” and that is not linked to shared tree on Ancestry, FamilySearchMyHeritage, etc.   In my new tree, I will only add people and facts that are supported by documentation and citations.   

The Do-Over is scheduled to last 13 weeks.  52 Ancestors for the year.   I making my plan and I am ready for the Do-Over!

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