Sunday, November 29, 2015

Railroad Records - Found!

WOW!! I used the Genealogy Quick Look service to find my grandfather's railroad records.  He worked for the Chicago North Western Railroad in the 1940-50s.

Genealogy Quick Look provides an index to a portion of resources available through the Midwest Genealogy Center as well as inactive pension claims from the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board. Search the index by name and/or date. If you locate a resource, you will have an opportunity to request it from the source organization. 

First I reviewed the index using the Quick Look form (shown here).  Then I sent an email to the address indicated in the instructions. I received a reply within 2 days from Desiree an Archives Technician at NARA in Atlanta.   She gave me an option to receive the full file which was over 200 pages or an abbreviated version of each file and copy the 25 pages most relevant to genealogical research for $20.00 apiece. 

I chose the $20 file, and received it electronically 30 minutes after I called in my credit card info! (They also allow you to mail in a check and receive paper copies.)

I was amazed at the information that was supplied in the file.  Copies of death and birth records, medical reports, and other family related details. 

Thank you Mid-Continent Public Library and NARA!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Samuel Peyton Clay

A few years ago a “cousin” of mine found this photo on eBay and sent me the link.  I bid on it to keep it in the family.   This is a family portrait of four generations. The family members and their ages are all inscribed on the reverse in ink.   

Four generations of Samuel P Clay Family

The older couple in question is my third great-granduncle Samuel Peyton Clay (brother to my great-grandmother Henrietta Clay) and my third great-grandaunt, his wife Emily Kell (sister to my great-grandfather William Trego Kell).  William T Kell and Henrietta Clay were married three years after Samuel and Emily.  

Based on my research of the family and the information on the back of the photo, it appears that this picture was taken in 1914, shortly before Samuel died.

The notes on the reverse side of the picture indicate that the gentleman in the center is “Mr. Samuel Patton Clay, age 80 yrs,” and the seated woman is “Mrs. Emily Kell Clay, age 76 yrs.” The woman between them is “Mrs. Ella Clay Selby, age 51 yrs."  Mrs. Selby's daughter and her two children are, “Mrs. Emma Selby Funk, 26 yrs, “Pauline Funk, 2 1/2 yrs,” and “Elbert Eugene Funk, 15 mos.”    By researching Emma Clay Selby I learned that I was eligible to join the DAR, which I did! 

I posted the original picture with my contact information on various web sites hoping to find a direct descendant cousin from this family that will cherish it. And I did!  It is now with a descendant of that family.

 Samuel Peyton Clay

Samuel P Clay

Samuel Peyton Clay was the fifth child and third son, born on 11 March 1834, in Bourbon County, Kentucky, to John Ingram Clay (1790-1873) and his second wife, Martha "Patsy" Alice Eldridge (c. 1800-1853).  His parents moved to Clark County, Missouri in 1834, shortly after his birth.  At that time Clark County was uncharted territory. 

Samuel and Emily Kell

He married Emily Kell, daughter of Benjamin Kell and Rhuema Beckner, on 01 Nov 1858 in Clark County, Missouri. Emily was born on 12 Nov 1837 in Indiana. She died on 30 Dec 1916 in Kahoka, Clark, Missouri.

Marriage Record

Samuel and Emily had 9 known children – 7 girls and 2 boys – and one adopted son.
Laura Clay was born in Sep 1858 in Missouri. She died on 03 Dec 1944. She married William P Dow on 07 Mar 1875 in Clark, Missouri.

Ruhama Jean Clay was born on 28 Oct 1860 in Clark County, Missouri. She died on 25 Apr 1923 in Clark County, Missouri. She married Roy Sharts on 25 May 1884 in Clark County, Missouri.

Ella Jackson Clay was born on 24 Jun 1863 in Clark County, Missouri. She died on 18 Oct 1947 in Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri. She married Hiram Selby on 30 Aug 1885 in Clark County, Missouri.

Effie Clay was born on 05 Dec 1865 in Missouri. She died on 09 Jan 1950 in Madison, Clark County, Missouri. She married James Murphy on 23 Sep 1889 in Clark County, Missouri.

Martha Clay was born on 13 Dec 1869 in Missouri. She died on 01 Aug 1896 in Clark County, Missouri.  She married Peter T Briggs on 02 Mar 1892 in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri.

Marion L Clay was born on 28 Jan 1872 in Clark County, Missouri. He died on 03 Dec 1944 in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri. He married Adaline V Woodruff on 28 Jun 1900.

Emma Clay was born in December 1875 in Clark County, Missouri. She married Henry Raleigh Fleming on 28 Dec 1898 in Clark County, Missouri.

George C Clay, unknown birth and death dates probably between 1880 and 1900, believed to have died in childhood.

Mary Clay, unknown birth and death dates probably between 1880 and 1900, believed to have died in childhood.

John Shannon was listed as adopted in the household of Samuel Clay in the 1900 US Census for Jackson Township, Clark County, Missouri.  His birth is listed as May 1885 in Missouri. The records show there may be two John Shannons in Clark County in 1900, so as this is the only record of his relationship with Samuel, I cannot make further comment.

Samuel is found on the Civil War Draft Registration Record for Clark County, Missouri.  He is listed as living in Union Township, a 30 year old, white, farmer, married, and born in Kentucky with no previous military service.

Civil War Draft Registration

During the Civil War, Samuel supported the Southern cause and served under Confederate Major General Sterling Price. According to a 1890 Missouri Veterans Schedule as part of the U.S. Census for Jackson Township, Clark County, Missouri it was claimed that Samuel served as a private for 10 months from Sep 1862 until Jun 1863 in Company B of the 16th Missouri Cavalry (6th Provisional Regiment) of the Confederate Army.

1890 Veterans Schedule

In the 1860, 1870, 1880 and 1900 US Censuses for Jackson Township, Clark County, Missouri, he is listed as Head of Household and a farmer.   In 1896 a land plat of the county showed he had several land holdings on the west side of the county.  Nearby are related family farms.

Samuel Clay properties

He died at the age of 81 of cancer of the stomach in 26 Nov 1914 in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri.  He is buried in Kahoka Cemetery in Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri.  His wife Emily survived him by two years.

Death Certificate